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Thought I should give one more update on the music player.

I got integration working! I used a library called pylast to do this.

I also have previous and next buttons now too. It’s almost like a real music player.

I also made the ui look a little nicer.

Screenshot (40) Screenshot (41)



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Nearly There

It’s finally coming together. This weekend I added a few features and shortened my todo list quite a bit.

I’ve added a stack that stores previously played songs, they’re pushed onto it as soon as the next song is placed on the play queue.

I’ve also added a preferences dialog, this is for the user to enter their details as well as the starting folder in the tree on the left of the application.


Screenshot (35)

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Ticking Along Nicely

Just a quick update of my progress in the last couple of days, it’s mostly refactoring and bug fixing that’s been done.

I’ve added id3 tag support with the help of the wonderful eyed3 module, so I can now display now playing information in my player. I’ve also added art work displaying. I’ll have a play around with the layout and location of these to make things look a bit nicer.

Next up is scrobbling!


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The Awkward 3rd Blog Post

I’m able to blog again! Apparently my web host was ddossed this week, but I’m back now.

We’re getting into the final stretch now, and there’s still a bit to do. Over the last while I’ve added a directory tree to the left of my window, this allows the user to select tracks and folders more easily. I’ve also added a progress bar for the playing track, so it’s starting to come together.

Next up is ID3 tag reading I think. I’ll get round to displaying what’s playing and the artwork. This will also let me have the correct sized progress bar. I’ll be back to let you know how I get on!

Screenshot (31)



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It Continues

So I’ve been looking into the api, and it seems pretty nice. I’ll be applying for an api account once I can decide on a name for the music player.

The next step is to add a wx dirctrl so users can browse their library that way as well as the file -> open route that I have already.

Aside from that I’ve been having great “fun” with file names that contain Unicode characters in the pygame mixer module – I guess that means no Sigur Rós for the time being.

.Screenshot (17)



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First Post!

Development on the application has begun! At the moment I have a wxpython window with a play and pause button, a file open dialog and basic music playback using pygame’s Mixer module, I’ll probably be changing this out to a more fully featured library.

It’s not much, but it’s a start.


Screenshot (6)




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